Today people are watching movies online through different channels such as Netflix, Hulu, or even YouTube so you might be wondering if it is worth going to an actual movie theater to watch a movie? The answer is, yes it is! Going to AMC Theater is one of the best experiences for watching new movies! They have the best speaker systems with very comfortable seats that will help you have a full and joyful experience.

AMC Tickets

Prices of each movie tickets may vary location to location but usually there are three types of tickets. Children pricing starts around $10 dollars while adults are at $13. The seniors get a great deal too as they can get tickets for only $12 dollars. Those are your regular movie prices while 3D movies are an additional four dollars and IMAX are two dollars more than 3D movies.

Final Words…

Going to the movies with your family is a great experience to have because its the joy of laughing together and enjoying the movies as that’s the way it was meant to be. So remember next time you want to see a new movie, be sure to try a movie theater such as AMC Theaters because they will make even a mediocre movie fun to watch.


How to Save Money at Golden Corral?

Golden Corral is a dine-in buffet restaurant with all you can eat foods for only $8.69 per adult and $5.99 per child. It is an excellent way to feed your family if you want to get everyone well-fed and save money while doing it. As of today, you can save even more if two adults are paying for dinner buffets, because you will get 6 yeast rolls to take home after you’re done eating. So essentially, you will get a free snack to eat afterwards.

Are Buffets Worth the Buck?

Many of us spend tons of money going out to fast foods or even dine-in restaurants with many different kinds of foods and options. Golden Corral gives you just as many options without putting a dent in your wallet. So is Golden Corral worth it? Most people would agree that it is definitely worth it if you are looking to eat restaurant food on a relatively low budget. Give them a try and see how they compare to other of your favorite foods.

Final Say!

So what do we have so far? A coupon for 6 free rolls and all the extra food to get you and your family full without spending tons on money. At last we can all agree that Golden Corral is one place where it may bring family together while keeping everyone smiling.

There’s many buffets out there, but none are as popular as Golden Corral, that’s for sure.


Ever wondered how celebrities stay in fashion with their hairstyles? I’m sure you’ve been to different hair salons and seen all kinds of different haircuts and services they offer. Well one salon that offers great haircut services as well as waxing at very affordable prices and quality services is Style America.

Why wait?

Style America salon is part of Regis corporation and they are famous among celebrities that keep up with different styles and fashion. There are other salons that are good as well but Style America is already in business for many years and they already have a good reputation and very friendly staff. You should give these guys a chance because they offer industry standard services and are known world wide.


If you want the latest cuts, styles, perms, and highlights, then Style America is one the best options for you to try. Yes there are different salon places but this one is one of the most affordable for regular everyday people or even big shot celebrities who want more than just a haircut. Style America has everything you need for your hair and waxing needs.

Interested in setting up an appointment? Visit their salon locator and contact the closest salon to you.

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